"If you've ever been to Hedonism II, ever thought about going, or have even heard the rumors, read this book!"

–Shelli C., Willow Grove, Pa.

"The single most valuable resource to prepare you for your first Hedonism II experience. It has truly been a joy to read!"

–David Palmer, Somerset, Ky.

"I love Chris Santilli's book. I couldn't put it down; whenever I feel the DIF (Dreaded Island Fever) sneaking up on me, I pick it up and I will be home again."

–Sam Yoder, Whitehall, Pa.


As seen in PLAYBOY magazine*


Don't sip soda while reading this book. The bubbles will burn your nostrils as the drink shoots out your nose.

"Putting your clothes back on may be the hardest thing to do, but putting the book down is the second."

–Bob Carpinelli, Detroit, Mich.

"Don't plan on getting any sleep if your wife is reading this book in bed as she'll keep you awake with her giggling!"

–Jim Sharkey, Andrews, N.C.

Available formats will be:

Print—Black-and-white pics
Print—Color pics
Audio book
Ebook: Kindle and e-pub