The Naked Truth About Hedonism II

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    “This book should be required reading for all Hedo virgins.”

    —John Burk from Houston

    “I bought the book as a gift for my wife but I opened it before she got home and spent two hours jumping around reading passages—laughing! Then I gave Nan the book. Every day she carries it like her date book and reads passages to me…laughing the whole time. Every once in a while I have stolen it for an hour or so.”

    —Byram (& Nan) Christensen, Austin, Texas

    “My husband and I have been to Hedo seven times and I still get a lot of information from Chris’ book. You won’t regret reading it and you won’t want to put it down once you start reading it. It truly is a great read!”

    —Sharon Danke, Waupaca, Wis.


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    “Chris Santilli captures all the magic and humor of Hedonism II while telling about it more accurately and better than anyone on the planet!”

    —Jess Gates, Bloomington, Ill.

    The book is great and filled with lots of terrific information. Since receiving the book the hubby and I have been fighting over it, and everyone at work can’t wait to see it, too. They never could understand why I came back from vacation with that silly grin on my face and now they can find out.”

    —Christine Merkel, Austen, Texas

    “This book is a great tool for enhancing your marriage. At bedtime, when one of us reads a passage from the book that person usually ends up reading it to the other, who then wants the book to read for themselves, which leads them to try and take it from the other, which then leads the other to resist, which often ends up ends up with some frisky activity taking place.”

    —Phil Kelley, Asheville, N.C.